The Leadership Manifesto

    The following are my thoughts and beliefs on leadership summarized into a "Leadership Manifesto".

    Leadership is a talent and all people have this talent, but in differing amounts. It is not about finding the people with the most talent that matters, but rather ensuring our total collective leadership talent and potential get fully realized.

    Leadership development is experiential and thus only comes from trying because leadership is a feeling.  It is insufficient to read about it and expect to understand it.  You must actually take responsibility - even if it is of your own life.

    Leadership is personal and your leadership style, approach and opportunity are all unique to you.  As a result, you will never achieve your full leadership potential until you know who you are, accept who you are and grow who you are.

    The biggest opportunity available to humanity is to discover, develop and deploy the innate leadership talent in us all.   John Maxwell calls this the "Law of the Lid" which states that "Leadership ability determines a person's level of effectiveness". 

    This is what I believe. This is what inspires me.  This is what causes me to feel a great sense of hope for our collective future.  

    My vision is to support, encourage, champion and coach as many 

    people as possible in discovering, developing and deploying their 

    innate leadership talent in support of creating a better world.


    If all of this sounds interesting or resonates with you - please consider joining us.  You get to define the level of your engagement in LeaderSTEP but of course as is often the case, the more you put in and participate, the more you will gain and grow.  Get Started Now.

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