Your Personal Leadership Development Program

    Are you interested in leadership and developing your leadership skills but aren't ready to commit to an expensive program or even MBA?  LeaderSTEP is designed for you.

    LeaderSTEP is a FREE program that sends you an email every week containing a leadership skill, a leadership challenge and a book recommendation.  You get to learn at your own pace and through practical "doing" as opposed to classroom lectures. And you can opt out at any time.

    If you want to take your leadership development to the next level, you are welcome to join the LeaderSTEP Coaching Club which not only provides you with a 33% discount on standard coaching rates (while you are a club member) but it also gives you priority scheduling and support in between coaching sessions.  You are welcome to book as many coaching sessions as you like in a given month.

    Aren't you ready to step into your future potential.  Subscribe now and start learning to discover, develop and deploy your innate leadership talent.

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    The world needs more effective leaders.

    The world needs you!

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