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    LeaderSTEP is a learning platform that gives you access to a step by step process to help you discover, develop and deploy your leadership talent.

    Each week, you will be sent an email with a leadership concept, skill or approach along with reflective questions to help deepen your learning and a skills challenge to forward the action.

    The world needs more effective leaders.

    The world needs you.


    Leadership is not something you can learn by reading about it.  Just like learning to swim, eventually you have to get in the water and try a few strokes.

    Every week, LeaderSTEP gives you the opportunity to experiment by trying a new skills challenge or leadership perspective to see if they work for you.  If they do, great - keep using them as practice makes perfect.  If they don't, let them go and move on to the next skills challenge.  LeaderSTEP allows you to learn by doing.


    In today's fast paced world, it is often easy to forget to be the leader you are.  It can be impossible to think about leadership when budgets are due, reports are late and there is an impending audit to deal with.

    Every week, LeaderSTEP reminds you to be the leader you are and supports you in seeing the week ahead from a leadership perspective. You will feel different when you aren't just reacting to everything being thrown at you all day long.

    Your true value proposition is to lead.


    While it is always interesting to learn from experienced experts, sometimes the best learning comes from sharing with your peers or others facing challenges similar to yours.  

    In fact, peer to peer learning can be amazingly profound because there is a common ground and language for both communicating and relating specific experiences.

    LeaderSTEP offers a community of people with whom you can share and learn.

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